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Foto: Dan Staicu

Cozluk route

Marking: Red dot
Length: 22 km
Route: Greci – Pașunea Crucele – Cozluk Valley – Radului Valley – Teiul Strâmb – Baia arama – Pietrele Lake – Vf. Conaciu – Poplar Valley – Mariei Pietre – Greci
Campsite: Canton Cozluk
Stopover: Pietrele Lacui
Route difficulty: Medium

This route takes the tourist through a wide range of rocks that belong to the two major geological formations in the Măcin Mountains, thus crossing several geological eras.

The Cozluk route, from the peaks it traverses, offers the tourist panoramas of the neighboring valleys and peaks with forest landscapes from which the cliffs rise. These special landscapes are created by the alternation of forest massifs with steppe glades on the peaks, by deep valleys with rocky walls on which ferns grow, by the different types of forest and the exposure of the slopes.

The species we meet on the route are represented by: plants – Snowdrop with folded leaves, Brândușa, Codita choricelului; insects such as the rump cricket; internationally protected birds: Great Screaming Eagle, Turtle Dove, Danube Falcon, Woodpecker.

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