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Foto: Dan Staicu

Culmea Pricopanului route

Marking: Blue band
Length: 14 km
Route: Măcin – Regia Tutunului – Sulucu Mare Peak – Piatra Râioasă – Saua Șerparu – Caramalău Peak – Fântana de Leac – Măcin
Campsite: Fântana de Leac
Stop: Saua Şerparu
Route difficulty: Medium

On this route we encounter spectacular geological formations that were formed approximately 255 million years ago. The landscape of the Pricopan Massif has the most spectacular ridge in the area of the Măcin Mountains National Park, being characterized by huge granite formations, rocks and vast panoramas over the Măcin Depression, the Danube, the Luncavița Depression and the cities of Galati, Braila, Reni. Along this route, with an almost completely deforested massif, we can admire an alpine landscape with rounded rocks that give the appearance of bizarre shapes. A bizarre shape that we meet on this route is represented by the “Sphinx of Dobrogea” – an amazing creation of nature.

In this area we meet rare plants of international importance such as: Dobrogean bellflower, Dwarf carnation. In this habitat we meet reptiles such as: the Dobrogean tortoise, the Dobrogean lizard, the evil snake; and small mammals: spotted ferret, stone marten, steppe ferret.

181 species of birds have been identified in PNMM, and the main point for monitoring the migration of birds of prey that cross our country is on the Pricopanului Peak.

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