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Foto: Dan Staicu

Greci – Dealul cu Drum route

Marking: Red triangle
Length: 15 km
Route: Greci – Racova Valley – Hill with Road – Piatra Roșie Valley – Curături Valley – Taișa Valley – Nifon.
Campsite: Curaturi Valley
Stopover: Valea Piatra Roșie and Mitrofan Cabin
Route difficulty: Medium

This route starts from the center of Greci commune and goes south-southeast to the communal islaz. It is a route of medium difficulty that can also be easily covered in winter. Depending on the side the tourist chooses to travel, the route offers him various landscapes. On the western side we find wide panoramas over the Greci depression and the rocky areas, Călcata, Cetatea, Moroianu, and on the eastern side we have a wooded area with trees of all ages, climbing plants and forest-specific flora.

On this route we meet plant species such as: Cimbrișorul, Militeaua dobrogeăna, Stănjenel de clăcula, urechiușa; insects protected at European level (Lycaena dispar, Panaxia quadripunctaha); reptiles: Hazel snake, Aesculapian snake; internationally protected birds: Little Screaming Eagle, Black Jay, Wasp, Evening Wind.

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