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Foto: Dan Staicu

Jijilei Valley route

Marking: Blue cross
Length: 7 km
Route: Jijila – Jijilei Valley – Cheia Peak – Cheita Peak – Caramalău Peak – Fântâna de Leac – Fântâna de Leac Monastery
Campsite: Healing Well

This route is a themed route that climbs parallel to the Little Vasilică Valley and soon reaches Vârful Cheia. Then it follows the line of the ridge, reaches accentuated ridges and continues with a gentle climb to Vârful Caramălau where it intersects with the Culmea Pricopanului tourist trail. On this route we can meet countless species of plants and animals, but we can also see the cities: Măcin, Brăila, Galați and the Danube arms.

The granite cliffs offer tourists a superb landscape (they have been altered under the action of the wind and the climate, exfoliated “in onion leaves”, represented by formations such as: “Armata pietritita” and “Burnt Citadel”.

The Măcin Mountains have a remarkable biodiversity, offering tourists the opportunity to admire rare species of plants such as the Merinana and the Dobrogean Bellflower.

On the route we meet reptile species such as the Dobrogean Tortoise (monument of nature) and the Dobrogean Dragon (the largest snake in Romania). The following species of birds can be observed: Great Screaming Eagle, Lion, Great Hornbill, Danube Falcon, and among mammals – Roe Deer, Spotted Ferret.

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