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Foto: Dan Staicu

Thematic route The Tales of Măcin

Route marking: Blue circle
Length: 6 km

This route is one of medium difficulty that can be followed by all categories of tourists. The route starts from the town of Greci, goes through the park on Valea Racova, climbs the Hill with Road to the top of Cartalu and continues to the top of Calcata, going down to Valea Carabalu in the town of Greci.

The thematic trail highlights the differences between the large types of habitats in the park, between areas where human activity is reduced and anthropized areas where granite mining activities were carried out in the past. We meet species of flora and fauna of European importance such as: Dobrogean Militia, Rock Perch, Dwarf Carnation, Dobrogean Tortoise, Dobrogean Lizard, Dobrogean Dragon.

Description of the points on the route:

  1. To begin with, we receive some general information: a brief history of Dobrogea and data about the Măcin area and the superb landscapes here.
  2. The second plate gives us information about how a tree can adapt to the rather harsh climatic conditions of Dobrogea – high heat, little precipitation and a thin layer of soil.
  3. At point 3 we encounter a short history of the evolution of the landscape, in a place that offers a beautiful panorama.
  4. At point 4 we discover some of the secrets of the plants in the PNMM, which in order to survive in arid conditions have little secrets for adaptation.
  5. Here you meet the Moroianu Reserve, where we meet extremely varied species of flora, some very rare and some flowers “coming” from the Caucasus, Iran or Asia Minor.
  6. In point 6 we find out details about several species of animals from PNMM. If you pay attention to the traces and clues in their description, you may see or hear them all on the route.
  7. At point 7 you will find out what few know: in Măcin there are hundreds of millions of years old rocks, much older than the first dinosaurs on Earth.

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