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Foto: Dan Staicu

Troesmis route

Marking: Yellow tape
Length: 19 km
Route: DN22D – Troesmis Citadel – Iacobdeal lake – Bulgarian Peony Hill – Peony Fossil Site – Priopcea Hill – Panait Cerna Memorial House

The route starts from the DN22 D road, 3 km from the junction with the DJ222K. It is a 2 km dirt road to the Daco-Roman fortress of Troesmis. From the Cetate, walk along the bank of the Danube until you reach DJ222H, after crossing the bridge, walk along the quarry road and continue to the Iacobdeal lake (located on the right side of the road).

The route continues towards the Bulgarian Peony Hill with steppe meadows, then you reach the Bujoarele Fossiliferous Nature Reserve, where you can admire elements of paleontology.

Next, cross the DN22 D road and climb the Priopcea Hill, where we encounter bushes of Christ’s thorn, gherginar, a rare species of steppe mouse’s tail, wild steppe jasmine and rock carnation, marigold.

It descends from Dealul Priopcea, 1.5 km from the town of Cerna, after which you can go on the DN22B road to the Panait Cerna Memorial House. The route crosses habitats with steppe meadows, traditional agricultural crops, and from Culmea Priopcea you can admire Brațul Măcin – Old Danube and Insula Mare a Brăilei.

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