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Foto: Dan Staicu

Wine Valley route

Marking: Yellow band
Length: 13 km
Route: Cerna – Cerne Valley – Șigăncii Valley – Vergu Peak – Vinului Peak – Cardon Ridge – Hamcearca
Campsite: Vf. Uzun Gurun (Gypsy Path)
Stopover: Vf. Vinului
Route difficulty: Medium

This route welcomes us with gentle slopes that pass through many glades, where the geological foundation emerges. The clearings offer wide panoramas over the Hamcearca Depression, the Cernei Valley and the other southern peaks of the Măcin Mountains. Expansive areas of forests and rarists alternate with portions of glades with meadows and rock formations. On the route, depending on the slope and exposure, we encounter moesic-west Pontic forests of gorun, hornbeam and silver linden, represented by the forest-steppe habitat where the gorun is associated with downy oak, linden, mojdrean, hornbeam, with rare downy oak, mojdrean, silver hair, horn and steppe meadows on ridges.

The plant species that we find on this route are represented by: Golden sedge, Deditei, Codita choricelului. Protected insects such as: Saga pedo, Parnasius mnemosyne, Apatura metis. Reptiles are represented by: Leaf lizard, Steppe lizard; birds protected at international level – Prigoria, Scorbura dove, Red windpiper; and mammals: the Carpathian deer and the wolf.

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