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Cocoş Monastery

One of the most famous places of worship in Tulcea county, the Cocoş monastery is located 6 kilometers away from Niculitel commune and approximately 35 kilometers west of Tulcea city. Led by monks, the Cockoș monastery has as its patrons the Descent of the Holy Spirit (the big church) and Saint Hierarch Nicolae (the chapel).

Cocoş Monastery was founded in 1833 by three Romanian monks from Mount Athos: Visarion (former hieromonk at Neamţ Monastery), Gherontie and Isaiia.

Positioned in a secluded place, at the foot of a hill, the Cocos monastery was first talked about in 1679, when, from the first documentary attestation, it was learned of the existence of a hermitage, plundered by the invasions of the time.

A long time ago, from the hill near the monastery, one night, the song of a wild rooster was heard, accompanied by a clucking of a rooster, hence the name of the place of worship. The monks say that this song is still heard.

The monastery was heavily damaged by the earthquake of 1940 and the fire of July 1947, when the belfry burned and the bells melted, and was restored between 1954 – 1956 and 1957 – 1959.

In 1971, on the territory of the Niculiţel commune, near the monastery, archaeological excavations brought to light a crypt that housed the relics of four holy martyrs, which were, moreover, the first discovered on the territory of our country: Zoticos, Attalos, Kamasis and Philippos.

Two years after the discovery, the Synod of the Orthodox Church decided that the relics of the four saints should be placed in four caskets at the Cocoş monastery.

Currently, the Cocoş monastery has an important collection of religious books, gathered from all the parishes of Tulcea county, and a museum with old icons and objects of religious art.

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