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Foto: Dan Staicu

“Saints Peter and Paul” church


After the old Danube cradled you passing from Brăila to Smârdan, on the Dobrogean bank, DN22 or E87 takes you winding through willows and poplars on one side and plains on the other, towards old Măcin, descendant of the historic Arrubium fortress. The town can be seen from afar, scattered at the foot of the Măcin Mountains. A few buildings pierce the landscape. Among them, to the left, the “Holy Apostles Peter and Paul” Church or the old Church.

In 1834, Gh. Vulpe, a basic man of the fair, obtained a firman from the pasha of Rusciuc to build a church. It was a modest construction, but it pleased the faithful soul to have a place to pray.

Later, the walls of an imposing church were built around it (which still stands today), from which the remains of the first place of worship were evacuated. The date of birth of the new church is not known. After N.C. Munteanu-Sculeni, it was rebuilt between 1876-1878, so it existed long before.

Redone over the years, with the painting redone in 1928, since 1903 considered a cathedral, the Church “Holy Apostles Peter and Paul” looks protectively at the Christian breath of Măcin and beyond.

Her bright clothes and the sound of the bells call all the pilgrims to visit her and pray.

God, the Holy Mother and all the Saints are waiting to bless us.

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