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Saon Monastery

The third monastery, which completes the triangle of the three places of worship in Dobrogea (Cocoş – Celic-Dere – Saon), known to Romanian and foreign tourists, is Saon, which is located at a distance of 11 kilometers towards Niculiţel, from the town of Tulcea.

The Saon monastery was founded in 1846, during the Ottoman rule, by the departure of some monks from the Celic-Dere monastery. As a result, those who came to Saon erected here a few adobe cells and a Chapel as a methoc of the Celic-Dere monastery.


At the Saon Monastery, in the large church, the pieces from the relics of Saints Vicente, Maxim the Greek, Innocent the Metropolitan, Epictetus the priest and Astion the monk are kept, the reliquary with these being always exposed to the worship of pilgrims.

Also, here are pieces of the garments that belonged to Saint John the New from Suceava, the pious Parascheva and Saint Gregory the Decapolitan, as well as a piece of the wood of the Holy Cross.

Since 1930, Saon has been transformed into a nunnery.

The nuns are not only in charge of the monastery, but also of raising peacocks, the place of worship impresses, therefore, with the very colorful and rich plumage of the birds.

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