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National Center for Tourist Information and Promotion

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Promoting the Romanian tourist potential by improving the image of the country, with the aim of promoting the Măcin region abroad and increasing its attractiveness for tourism
  • Improving the flow of tourists in the city of Măcin
  • Development of local tourist potential through better information of potential visitors.
  • Increase in visitors to the National Tourist Information and Promotion Centers
  • Increase in website visitors

The city of Măcin is located in the western extremity of Tulcea county, in the northwestern part of the territory between the Danube and the Mare, 12 km from the confluence of the Old Danube and the New Danube. The municipality of Tulcea, the administrative and political center of Tulcea county, is 80 km away from the city center, the city of Galati 25 km away. The closest city is Brăila, 14 km away from Măcin.

The city is located on a terraced plateau that has a land or river exit to the west to Smârdan and Brăila, a road exit to the east to Greci, Cerna, Tulcea and Constanța, a river exit to the south to Carcaliu, Turcoaia, Peceneaga and to the north to Jijila, Isaccea, Tulcea, by road.

The city of Măcin has numerous natural and human resources, thus the implementation of this project represents an important step towards harmonizing the gaps between the regions of development and economic interest, thus increasing the commercial, economic and social interrelationship between them.

Given that tourism represents for the city of Măcin an opportunity to increase the standard of living, the forecasts are to carry out this project to improve the tourism infrastructure, in order to then develop the capacity to attract as many tourists as possible, following that the local and regional economy will have to gain as a result.

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